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brill Library @

The 2nd Key Floor on the Journey up the brill Publications Lift.

The 3D design of the room was done by someone else, whom I took over from once the key rooms were submitted. The animated object sequences I had with some on the spot WACOM drawing and movie clipping, some "fancy" copy+paste then extend (typewriter bar) and then some provided magazine images and code moves that around on clicking.

The "MAN" is the website owner. We had discussed the possibility of incorporating a character based off himself, only, of course more animated, "polar express 3D Tom Hanks movie" look to suit the website and it gave us room for modifying him to look more aesthetically pleasing (younger).

Thankfully, I had already been working on my own technique to achieve a lifelike animated character look.

This process involved the website owner, a green screen, a 4MP camera, some pre shoot screen tests and then working out what minimal keyframe poses to take shots of to then have minimal frames for file size and minimal work.

I then retouched the images and made them seem artificial and then took them into flash to then outline them using the WACOM and then size them down and create movieclips.

The "MAN"'s voice was also recorded during the session

The Info Rollovers I had sourced the image ideas and code online.
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